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New Patients at My Back Relief Clinic

We look forward to welcoming you! When you book an appointment at My Back Relief Clinic, you’ll be able to complete our new patient forms online.

Your Initial Consultation

When you come through our doors, our friendly, warm reception staff will greet you and double check your digital new patient forms. They’ll collect any previous imaging that you may have brought with you. Then they’ll take you on a tour of the practice, so you can feel at home here. Our kids’ area is often a big hit!

You’ll come to the consultation room, where your chiropractor will be waiting to meet you. They will go over your history and talk with you about your concerns and goals. Then they’ll conduct a thorough examination, which will include chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological exams, as well as digital postural exams. They will also do a nerve scan using the Nervo-Scope® to assess the condition of your nervous system. If needed, we will also take X-rays here on-site.

Then we’ll book your next appointment, which will take place within the next three business days.

Plan on about 40 minutes for the initial consultation.

Your Second Consultation

At your second consultation, we will go over our report of findings with you. We’ll explain everything we found, what’s causing your pain or other symptoms, and how we plan to help. This consultation is 30 minutes and can be done in person or via Zoom. If you choose to come into the office for this visit, we can begin your care at this time.

Standard Visits

Standard visits include adjustments, rehab exercises, and spinal advice. These appointments last approximately 15 minutes.

Before the twelfth visit, we will do a reassessment and take new postural photos so we can track your progress.

Paying for Care

You may use HICAPS or direct debit to pay for care. There is a 15% discount for direct debit payments.

Book Today

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.


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