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Knee Pain in Dulwich Hill

running knee painPeople of all ages will experience knee pain at some point in their lives. It can happen briefly, from a fall or errant twist of the leg, or it can be chronic and debilitating, preventing us from moving with ease and causing us pain with each step. Injuries and repetitive stress, as well as ageing, are often the causes of knee pain.

You don’t have to live with this pain, however. Chiropractic adjustments mobilise joints and use soft tissue techniques to gently move and restore function in the knee and surrounding area, all while alleviating pain.

What to Expect During Your Appointments

Paula and Kenneth will use a combination of chiropractic assessments and techniques to gain a better understanding of the cause of the knee pain. They will ask you for a detailed history of the origin, location, and your symptoms, as well as assess the range of motion of the knee and palpate the area for any swelling, tenderness, or abnormalities.

Testing muscle strength and reflexes will be done to assess for any neurological involvement causing nerve pain. The integrity of ligaments and tendons is also assessed, done through a variety of orthopaedic tests to reproduce or relieve the symptoms and have a better understanding of the scope of the injury.

Posture, gait analysis and functional movements will also be evaluated. Postural abnormalities, and the way you walk and move can contribute to the dysfunction of the knee. Our chiropractors may also request imaging to help confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

How Adjustments May Benefit Patients

If you have sprained or strained ligaments, arthritis, and cartilage tears in the knees, it can lead to symptoms such as dull, achy pain, sharp, stabbing sensation or feeling of stiffness or tightness in the knee.

Chiropractors Dr Paula Basilio and Dr Kenneth Wright will focus on providing Dulwich Hill and Inner West patients with specific strengthening and stabilisation exercises to provide better support their knees, and they will help patients learn how to prevent reinjury through education during appointments and lifestyle modifications to support overall better musculoskeletal health.

By using controlled and gentle movements tailored to each patient’s needs, they aim to restore range of motion and proper alignment, improving joint function and alleviating pain. Trigger point therapy and myofascial release will reduce tension and address muscle imbalance and inflammation around the knee, which promotes healing.

Our team of chiropractors will then prescribe specific stretches and exercises to help stabilise the joint by strengthening the muscles around the knee to provide support and prevent further injuries.

You Don’t Need to Live with Pain – Contact Us Today

No matter what your situation, whether you are a former or current athlete, or the effects of ageing are beginning to settle in your joints, you don’t have to live with knee pain. Chiropractic may alleviate that discomfort.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see how you can walk free from pain once again!


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