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Headaches in Dulwich Hill

Woman with headacheHeadaches can range from a minor annoyance to a serious debilitating condition. There are some people who experience headaches from a very early age, such as twelve years, and there are some that don’t get their first headaches well into adulthood. It is important to understand that a headache can be caused by several factors and that there are different therapies to address them. Find out more about how My Back Relief Clinic chiropractors may help with headaches and migraines.

Types of Headaches

People suffer from several different types of headaches such as:

  • Migraines
  • Cluster headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Cervicogenic headaches

Out of all the headaches, the most common of these are tension headaches, followed by migraines. However, the lines distinguishing different headaches are often blurred and sometimes these headaches can overlap. This means that people who suffer from tension headaches can get migraine-like symptoms as well.

How Chiropractic Care May Help

Diagnosing the type of headache you suffer from is very important because there are different ways to address them. Chiropractic care is especially helpful for tension and cervicogenic headaches.

Tension headaches are ones that are often caused by the muscles or joints in your neck. They can be very persistent and are often related to bad postures, such as excessive time on the computers or phones. Chiropractic care often focuses on correcting these postural defaults to decrease tension that causes these sorts of headaches. Sometimes dysfunction in the TMJ can cause headaches.

Long-term sufferers are often encouraged to follow a rehab program to strengthen the surrounding muscles, so you get less trouble from these headaches on a daily basis. Stretching and therapy may also help.

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