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Gonstead Chiropractor in Sydney

At My Back Relief Clinic, our experienced doctors provide Gonstead Technique-focused chiropractic care. Since we are one of very few Gonstead practitioners in Sydney, many patients seek us out for this “gold standard” in chiropractic care.

What Is the Gonstead Technique?

Dr. Clarence Gonstead, a chiropractor with a background in engineering, developed the Gonstead Technique. His approach involves thorough diagnosis and looking at a patient’s entire body—not just their spine.

Your chiropractor will do an in-depth examination to determine exactly where the underlying causes of your symptoms are. The examination will include talking with you about your health history, so we can understand the background of your current situation. Then we’ll do chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological assessments to determine the condition of your spine and how well messages are delivered from your brain to your body.

We’ll take digital postural photos, which are a good tool for tracking your progress. We’ll also use a Nervo-Scope® to assess the health and function of your nerves. Finally, when indicated, we will take X-rays of your spine.

At your Report of Findings visit, your chiropractor will explain everything we found and how any misalignments may affect your function, mobility and overall health. We’ll then begin your care, which will consist of very specific adjustments. A key part of the Gonstead Technique is that it is not a method that does generic adjustments of the entire spine. Rather, we make highly specific adjustments only to the areas that need it.

Thoroughness and accuracy are the hallmarks of our care.

Conditions Gonstead May Help

Patients come to us with various musculoskeletal concerns that the Gonstead Technique is well-suited to address. Some common issues include

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