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Dry Needling for Muscle Pain

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Dry needling is the latest take on how to treat inter-muscular pain through the manipulation of trigger points. Treat pain associated with living an active lifestyle: from overworking in the gym, exercise injury, posture pains, accidents and more.

My Back Relief Clinic offers dry needling in Dulwich Hill. Dry needling is one of the techniques used in our Occupational Therapy consultations. That means that when you book a dry needling consultation, you will be booking in with our OT.

Contact our team of healthcare professional today to book your consultation and address your muscle pain concern.

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An Overview

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Dealing with pain takes courage and technique. The problem that those in pain face is figuring out what methods will keep the pain away. Pain often returns as long as you keep working and pushing. For sports and athletic injuries (those self-inflicted gain pains), dry needling shows a lot of promise.

If you wonder why you haven’t heard of dry needle therapy, that’s because it’s barely a decade old. Research into the treatment shows promise in dealing with short and medium term myofascial pain.

Most prominently, it works best on pain that comes from knots or tight muscle bands. These types of pains radiate and cause referred pains.

It gained notoriety in early clinical trials for dentists. They sought a way to resolve referred oral pain that would cause neck strain and headaches.

What’s the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

The key difference between dry needling and acupuncture is the mechanism. Acupuncture is a form of energy work, increasing or unblocking flow along meridians. Dry needling affects trigger points to relieve tension.


Dry needling bares similarities with both acupuncture and wet needling. The latter, of course, is the reason for the distinction.

How we do it

  • We insert a thin surgical steel or stainless steel needle into one or more of your trigger points. Targeting the correct spot takes skill and practice.
  • We feel for a tense muscle, line up the needle in a tube and then fix it into place. Ideally, you’ll twitch. This local response moves the taut muscle fibres, shaking loose the tension and relieving pain.
  • Multiple needles may be placed around the spot following nerve lines or areas of tension.
  • Needles remain embedded for 20 to 30 minutes before removal.
  • Wes use pressure during removal to limit soreness and bruising at the target sites.


Dry needling benefits occur along two key lines.

    1. Dry needling loosens bound up muscle, reduces muscular stress and tension. This translates into pain relief. That’s the obvious first benefit. Pain relief, as noted by studies referenced above, is noticeable, with pain relief to be similar to that of massage therapy.
    2. Increased flexibility and range of movement forms the second line of benefit. Patients indicated dry needle therapy provided the same increases as stretching and massage.

The Other Shoe

Anybody interested in taking control of pain management may wonder “Does dry needling hurt?”

The technique may come with some downsides. These may include:

  • Some minor swelling
  • Bruising
  • A slight twinge when the needle in inserted

Patients need to gauge the small pain during treatment and soreness after against the relief. Dry needling is generally effective for dealing with chronic pain and limited range of movement. Many patients are fine with the procedure and enjoy the benefits.

Find a Balance

We like to think that dry needling has it’s place as a pain relief tool for many musculoskeletal health issues. It has its limits and its benefits. The more techniques at hand, the more likely one will work when it’s needed. That’s why we offer multiple treatment options to best help you.

Dry Needling in Dulwich Hill

If you’re looking for advice from an experienced team of health professionals, feel free to contact our clinic today.

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