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More for Backs – HCF Chiropractor Program

Are you an HCF health fund member? If you are, you can benefit from their More for Backs program.


Key Benefits

  • This program reimburses 100% of the agreed charge for a new patient initial consultation.
  • This benefit can be used once per year, when you present with a new health condition or flare up of an existing condition that is represented under this program.
  • It covers health conditions that are commonly treated by chiropractors and where there’s an evidence base for chiropractic treatment.


Find Out More

  • This program places an emphasis on evidence based treatment, which is what we offer here at My Back Relief Clinic.
  • The no-gap benefit applies to a member’s initial consultation (item number 1001) for a new episode of care.
  • HCF define a new episode of care as a new health condition or acute flare up of an existing condition where there’s been a gap in treatment, with any chiropractor, of at least 90 days.

As of 2018, HCF states the chiropractic benefit limits on their website.


These are subject to annual limits and waiting periods if you’re just joined. View more here.


You can view our standard chiropractic fees here.


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